Agreement of using Registrant’s contact data

• Imperative conditions for delegation of a domain is the provision of: mobile phone number, e-mail address and reliable information on the Registrant.

• The data provided by the Registrant is publicly available. This information will be published in the whois database and available for viewing using the website or via the whois protocol.

• During the use of the domain, the administration of the .PP.UA domain has the right to use all the data of the Registrant in accordance with Ukrainian laws of privacy.

• Information notices will be sent in the following cases:

— Update the phone number in the contacts of the domain;

— Updating information about the domain;

— Changes of a domain Registrar;

— Changes of the Аdministrator (Registrant) of the domain;

— Violation of the domain rules;

— Non-functioning of a previously registered domain;

— Other cases.

• You may receive notifications from partners in the following cases:

— With the advent of free or discount services for owners of the .PP.UA domain;

— With the advent of special proposals for owners of the .PP.UA domain;

— With the advent of sponsors and partners of the domain;

— In other cases.

• Information notifications can be sent by the administration in any number of times monthly, сonsidering such information seeks to correct operation of the domain and compliance with the rules by the Registrant.

• Information notifications from the partners of administration can be sent no more often than once in a month.